Disability Insurance: Why is it a Must-Have?

Disability Insurance: Why is it a Must-Have?

You might’ve never thought that not having disability insurance would put you at financial risk.

It can. It could take years to recover and return to the workforce if you cannot work due to an unexpected illness or injury. That’s assuming every medical treatment goes as planned.

Have you thought about how you’ll pay for rent/mortgage payments or student loans if you get sick or injured? That’s what Disability insurance is for! It helps by supplementing lost income during these periods when you need it most.

But why would you even need it if you’re feeling just fine? I get it; you don’t need it— now. 

We understand that Disability Insurance might not be on your list of priorities. So, here’s a rundown of why Disability Insurance is a must-have!

Secured income support when you fall sick or injured.

Disability Insurance helps protect your finances when you may be at financial risk. Men and women apply for disability benefits because, if approved, they’ll receive vital income to sustain their households. At the same time, they deal with stabilization and possible recovery from their health issues. For some individuals, a health crisis may require 2, 3, or 4 years of treatment and rehabilitation to reach stability before returning to work.

Stands as a replacement of a portion of income when you cannot work.

Disability Insurance is designed to help people who can no longer work because of illness or injury. It replaces a portion of your income so that even if you can’t work at all, you still have money coming in. This means that the essential expenses that many of us are used to—food, utilities, school tuition, mortgage payments, and car payments—will still be paid.

A 100% certainty of assistance in times of disability.

What if I told you that the risk of disability during your working years is more significant than you think?

In 2020, the U.S. Social Security Administration reported that more than 25 percent of 20-year-olds will experience a disability that keeps them out of work for at least a year before they reach retirement age.

Fortunately, disability insurance helps you maintain a steady income when you can’t work due to illness or injury. And it’s easier and less expensive to get disability insurance when you’re young and healthy.

Excellent coverage of benefits.

Disability can disrupt an individual’s income, making it difficult for them to support their families, maintain their standard of living, or pay their bills. Benefits differ from the definition of disability insurance. This includes Own-Occupation, Total and partial disabilities, Temporary and permanent disabilities, Mental illness, and Pregnancy benefits.

That’s why you must choose the perfect policy that will be able to fulfill your needs in time of disability. 

The purpose of disability insurance is to protect and replace a portion of your income if you suffer a disabling injury or illness that keeps you from earning a living.

Being unable to work for an extended period is terrifying for most people. You’ve got bills to pay, kids to feed, and maybe even a mortgage to contend with. The thought of being unable to earn an income can be downright overwhelming. But with disability insurance, you can rest assured that your financial future will be protected—even if the worst happens.

It can happen to anyone. 

Your health is essential—and so is getting insured for it! Make sure you have long-term protection against financial risk by getting disability insurance through Heroes Sick Pay! 

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