Disability Insurance Plans

Income protection is essential for staying ahead financially during a prolonged illness or injury and disability.

Sick pay insurance plan

High-quality disability benefits can be obtained through Heroes Sick Pay. The Heroes Sick Pay brand is dedicated to providing the highest quality disability insurance. The company understands the difficulty of individuals who must assume the responsibility of taking care of themselves and their families to the extent that they invest in a sick pay insurance plan for their “rainy days.“

Income protection is essential for staying ahead financially in an illness or injury that leads to incapacity.

What you need least when you are disabled is a financial setback. Protect yourself with income protection by signing up for Heroes Sick Pay. We’ll protect your income by ensuring you get a portion of your paycheck while you’re incapacitated and  recovering from surgery or whatever else may prohibit you from working.

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Our offers are specifically catered to the needs of individuals. We offer simple, easy-to-read plans designed to fulfill your needs—and there’s one that will fit your budget. You can rest assured that we have a plan that will be right for you.

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