Disability insurance for
America’s unsung heroes.

We aim to give America’s essential workers financial security with disability insurance products

Disability insurance for America’s unsung heroes.

Did you know that 59% of Americans are just two paychecks away from homelessness? If something like sickness, accident, or injury were to happen to these Americans, they might not have the funds to take care of their obligations, including rent.

According to a United States Department of Labor survey, freelancers and contractors now account for 33% of all workers or over 59 million people. More than half of this group does not have access to any paid leave, such as sick days or parental leave.

So when freelancers are unwell and have to choose between taking care of themselves and earning a living, the results may be devastating  both for the person and the economy.

This is why income protection is essential for staying ahead financially in the event of an illness or injury. Disability Insurance can help replace the lost income of those individuals experiencing illness, or injury. That’s where Heroes Sick Pay can swoop in and help Americans obtain the proper insurance coverage to suit their needs. Heroes Sick Pay brings more options to everyday heroes. The insurance offerings cover short-term or long-term disability options. 

Who benefits from disability insurance?

Heroes Sick Pay is beneficial to all essential workers, including independent contractors. We want to tell a story and build a brand around the idea that people who work for themselves or run their businesses can and must provide for their families and communities and are true heroes in our eyes.

Entrepreneurs, freelancers, front-line workers, medical professionals, and business owners can benefit greatly from our insurance. Everyone should have a chance to have replacement income if they become disabled due to a medical condition or an accident Custom-tailored insurance plans are what customers can anticipate. Our program offers a wide range of services, including a thorough understanding of insurance.

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